It is the Government that represents the will of a majority that has invited Mr. Bush. Asking him to go back, for whatever reasons, is not courteous.

J. Eden Alexander,
Thanjavur, T.N.

There is really no need for the police, the Government and the corporate press to minimise the extent of our outrage because it is only a figment of Ms. Roy's exaggerated imagination. If the U.S. and its President are not desirable to Indians, why is the visa wait time close to six months in any of the four U.S. consulates? Ms. Roy doesn't speak for Indians like me.

Rex S. Arul,
Smyrna, Georgia

Ms. Roy's views are based more on emotion. We should be large-hearted enough to see Mr. Bush as the elected President of a country, whatever his ideology or policy preferences.

B. Ramakrishna,

Except fulminating against the visiting dignitary, the piece does precious little to identify any contentious issue or cite any unknown facts to commend it to the reader's attention.

Kousiki Sridharan,

As a distinguished world citizen, Ms. Roy should desist from making statements that will jeopardise ties between the two countries. The article is unfairly biased.

K.S. Thampi,

Millions of Indians, I am sure, would beg to differ with Ms. Roy. She has every right to protest the American foreign policy but such harsh language does not reflect well on a person of her stature. I am sure Mahatma Gandhi's soul will not object to Mr. Bush laying flowers at Rajghat. The Mahatma was more kindly disposed towards those who disagreed with him.

A.V.H. Vijayakumar,
Monrovia, California

Howsoever opposed we may be to the policies and actions of Mr. Bush, we should not forget that he is the elected leader of America and is visiting India in that capacity.

M.C. Joshi,

As long as our spouses and children remit home dollars from California or New Jersey, young engineers toiling round the clock in MNCs are pampered with luxurious buffets in star hotels, doctors burn the midnight oil to get through USMLE, and winding queues wait anxiously without seat or shelter in front of the American embassy, do we have a right to show Mr. Bush the door?

Gulnar Khan,

Ms. Roy has gone a bit too far in criticising Mr. Bush, who is coming here at the invitation of the Government. She has every right to be critical but her views will carry no credibility unless there is an even-handed approach, which should take into account activities of terror groups destabilising the world.

N.G. Krishnan,

Despite the hatred for the U.S., countries are vying with one another for a share of American attention. Americans do what they think is in their national interest and countries like Britain follow them blindly. The blind followers are the real culprits as their support gives the U.S. the requisite moral standing.

Yugal Joshi,
New Delhi