With the Tamil Nadu elections fast approaching, parties are competing to woo the people. We will no longer be surprised if politicians promise sufficient rainfall year after year if they come to power. All this is the result of the leaders' greed for power. We should limit the term of the Prime Minister, the Chief Ministers and other Ministers to two. This will help to curb rhetoric and the practice of parties to make false promises.

P. Balavinodan,

Campaigning should be banned. It disrupts normal life and is a waste of money and time. A leader should be elected on the basis of his or her performance, and not on the basis of propaganda or promises.

R. Hema,

Election campaigning is totally different from what it used to be 10 years ago. Meetings on large maidans of important towns gave voters an opportunity to hear different views on issues. It also provided a platform to good speakers.

Today we see leaders travelling in designer vans and addressing people from bulletproof vehicles. The crowds, which used to throng the venue to hear the thundering oratory of their leaders, have to remain content with written speeches read out. They do not seem to mind because they consist of dedicated cadres and mobilised local people.

Nisha Gopalan,