It is surprising that the Congress, after winning 34 seats over one-third of the DMK's tally of 96 has decided to not to join the Tamil Nadu Ministry. It has frittered away a golden opportunity to bring the State back into the national stream. The decision has disappointed not only State Congressmen but also the people at large.

G. Ramachandran,
Tiruchi, T.N.

* * *

The Congress should have insisted on joining the Tamil Nadu Government. As pointed out by several Congressmen, an opportunity has been lost. Their participation in the Ministry would have raised the stature of the party and helped them to strengthen it in the State. It is time the high command stopped running the affairs of the party from Delhi and recognised the aspirations of its State units. Otherwise, the party will be progressively weakened in all the States.

R. Murali Sundararajan,
Cordova, Tennessee

* * *

While wishing the DMK Government all well, it is noteworthy that there is almost one Minister for every three DMK MLAs in the Ministry. This comes at a time when we are talking so much about resource crunch, austerity, and ban on recruitment. It looks like no MLA wants to work without a Ministership. A policy of appeasement that does not augur well for democracy.

N.G.R. Prasad,

* * *

The Assembly elections amused the people for over two months. Actor Vijayakant's plunge into politics, MDMK leader Vaiko's volte face, M. Karunanidhi's benevolent seat allocation to allies, Jayalalithaa's upbeat campaign enthused by the initial trend in her favour, the DMK's novel election plank, the AIADMK's frantic efforts to surmount the DMK's late surge, ubiquitous cine stars in the battleground, and the loyalty switching by some key figures at the eleventh hour were things that kept everyone occupied in the sweltering heat.

S.T.C. Sudhakar,
Tuticorin, T.N.