F.V. Arul, retired Inspector-General of Tamil Nadu Police who died on Thursday, was a remarkable person. He was known for his fearlessness and integrity, qualities that have become rare in the civil service today. His knowledge of policing was phenomenal and he set high standards for the rest of his force to emulate. He had the ability to command the loyalty of all those who worked for him. He was polite to politicians but never bent backwards to please their sometimes unreasonable and unethical demands. His belief in the welfare of the constabulary was strong and he did a lot to improve their working and living conditions. I will personally remember him for the courtesy he extended to me as a junior officer.

R.K. Raghavan,

* * *

Arul had a spectacular career. Besides being an honest and upright police officer, he was a gracious human being. He was admired and loved by fellow officers. Very few officers are above the dictum `power corrupts.' Arul tops the list.

J. Eden Alexander,

Thanjavur, T.N.