In "Beware the `new order' Israel is imposing" (Editorial page, July 29, 2006), it was stated that a Lebanese businessman, Mustafa al-Dirani, had been kidnapped by Israel, and held in prison for a decade; tortured and abused while in custody. He is currently suing the State of Israel for six million New Israeli Shekels (NIS). Siddharth Varadarajan clarifies that due to a computational error, this was converted as $1,50,000. In fact, the correct sum is approximately $1.5 million.

A reader says the heading "NLC inks pact for supplying power to Gujarat" (July 29, 2006) was misleading as the text said that the Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) signed an agreement with the Gujarat Government for implementing an integrated mine-cum-power project in south Gujarat (near Surat). The heading should have been "NLC inks pact for producing power in Gujarat".

The Guardian report "Other alphabets want a slice of Internet" (Op-Ed, July 28, 2006) had the sentences: "If that were to happen, the web address you type in could suddenly open up an entirely different website depending on where in the world you are, or which ISP you use. You may want to buy a book from but find that you end up at a Russian website all about the world's longest river." As a reader points out, the Nile, and not the Amazon, is the world's longest river.

Dr. B.K. Rana, Deputy Director, National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH), New Delhi, writes, referring to "Plans drawn up to promote medical tourism" (Kerala, July 27, 2006) that the Quality Council of India is an autonomous body set up by the Government of India to operate a national accreditation structure. It does not function under the Union Ministry of Health and Family Planning, as stated. Also, 16 hospitals have applied for accreditation, and not five to six as reported.

"Mother-daughter liver transplant saga" ("Newscape", July 25, 2006) a story on how a mother [Preethi Ishwar] donated her liver to her daughter [Meenu Nanwani] stated that "Meenu would be the oldest living donor Singapore had ever seen." A reader points out that it should have been Preethi.

In "Gone up in smoke" (The Hindu-Magazine, July 30, 2006, page 4), Daphne du Maurier has been referred to as a man. As a reader points out, this famous writer was a woman.

A reader says that in the Reuters report "Jayawardene (374), Sangakkara (287) in record stand" ("Sport", July 30, 2006), it was stated that Jayawardene compiled a 624-run stand spanning 160.3 overs with left-hander Sangakkara (287). But in "Dangerous duo", on the same page, it was stated to have been a 157 over marathon. The previous wicket fell at 3.3 overs and the third wicket at 160.3 overs. So the stand was for 157 overs. The Reuters report was wrong.

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