Congratulations to Orhan Pamuk on winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. His works point to the difference homegrown writers who defy national jingoism can make in prodding a nation's conscience vis-à-vis the atrocities of its past. They also offer their people a different perspective of their history.

The largely unsupported and isolated initiative of this great writer to identify the massacre of Armenians during World War I and genocide of Kurds with violence, and not with heroism, in defiance of the mainstream Turkish opinion, is truly remarkable.

Aravind Sridhar,
New Delhi

As one who has read Snow, I can say with conviction that Mr. Pamuk deserves the honour. What makes his writing such a pleasure is the way it charts the fine line of being sensitive without lapsing into sentimentality. In Snow, politics and poetry have been interwoven into what would have passed off as ordinary life. It makes his work seem down-to-earth even to a reader who is geographically and politically distant. Priya Narayanan, Thrissur, Kerala