Referring to the report "Fidayeen attack CRPF headquarters" (October 5, 2006, page 1), a reader wondered whether the heading was right as the militant outfit had said the target was the Dashnami Akhara. The main report said the militants attacked the Akhara ... and "the mace of Lord Shiva is kept here." Shujaat Bhukhari clarifies that the Dashnami Akhara where the holy mace of Shiva is kept also houses the battalion headquarters of CRPF. It is the same mace that is taken to Amarnath during the pilgrimage.

The sentences in "The starting point for cosmology as a precision science" (Science & Technology, October 5, 2006) were: "At the time when the radiation was emitted, the chaotic mass which was then our Universe was still very hot, around 3000 degrees. The background radiation we measure today has however cooled down significantly, now corresponding to radiation emitted by a body with a temperature of only 2.7 degrees above absolute zero." A reader points out that it should have been "3,000 degrees Kelvin and 2.7 degrees Kelvin above absolute zero."

An extra "not" that crept in! The sentence in "Demand to commute Afzal's sentence" (October 5, 2006) was: "Some speakers demanded that the case be investigated again as they claimed that the investigation had not been "not transparent," raising several doubts." As a reader points out, it should have been "had not been transparent" or "had been `not transparent'."

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