* A sentence in "Two persons killed as MTC bus goes out of control" (Chennai city, November 22, 2006, page 1) was: "The bus then rammed into a row of fish carts parked on the roadside, killing a coolie, ... ." A reader objects to the use of the word "coolie". Coolie can mean a hired labourer and also has a derogatory/offensive connotation that implies a person of Indian descent. Nowadays, it is often considered to be a racial slur. "Worker" or "labourer" would have been a better choice of word.

* "Size 17-feet" became "size (17-feet)" in editing Rohit Brijnath's column "[Ian] Thorpe decides to plunge into ... life" ("Sport", November 22, 2006). A sentence in the report that confused a few readers was: "Always Thorpe has been unusual, and not just because of his size (17-feet)."

* A reader points out that the name of the Minister of State in the Ministry of Human Resource Development is D. Purandareswari, and not D. Purandeswari. The error was in the text and photo caption of the report "Minister contests Global Monitoring report's claim" (November 22, 2006). (We had pointed out the same error in "Corrections and Clarifications", September 19, 2006.)

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