It is shameful that homosexuality is given such wide coverage by the media. Gay liberation is nothing but degradation of human values. Lord Macaulay, who chaired the Law Commission that prepared the Indian Penal Code, would certainly not have foreseen that homosexuality would one day be legalised under pressure from the growing number of offenders.

B. Gurumurthy,


* * *

Are all those who do not agree that Section 377 should be repealed fundamentalists and moral obscurantists? India is a free nation and we can hold different opinions. While one is free to take a stand on an issue, aggression against those who do not agree is unnecessary.

Arun Jyoti Prakash,


* * *

The legalisation of gay sex is a severe blow to our cultural values. When foreign countries are attracted by our way of life and values, why are we deviating? Why yield to the demand of a minority?

Nellai Thirumalairajan,


* * *

Consensual gay sex among adults has been legalised. Is it indicative of a social revolution or social degeneration? Homosexuality is considered a sin in every religion, apart from being an abnormality.

S. Jamal Ahmad,