The arguments that children of well-to-do parents are not obliged to take care of them in their old age and that parents should prepare for the winter of their lives are robotic and unethical. It is not a question of repaying parents but that of humaneness. A morsel of food is quite filling if served with care and affection. This cannot be done by governments. Let us provide the senior citizens with what they do not have. All of us reach the final stage of life at some time.

S. Ramani,


* * *

Many sons and daughters neglect their parents in their old age because of the ill-treatment meted out to them as children. Even if they want to forgive and forget, their spouses are reluctant to support them. In many instances, parents give away their earnings to one of their sons or daughters, depriving the rest of their legitimate share. How, in such cases, will the state force the disgruntled children to take care of their parents? There are many such issues that defy a solution. The enforcement of law without taking the ground reality into consideration will serve little purpose.

R.P. Singh,