There is no point raising a hue and cry over the denial of a no-objection certificate by a housing society in Mumbai to actor Emran Hashmi to purchase a flat in Bandra. The unfortunate incident is neither surprising nor uncommon. Can anyone deny that many Hindus and Muslims, particularly in cities, prefer letting out and selling their houses to co-religionists?

But they are not necessarily communalists. They lack a scientific temper, an essential element for the development of an enlightened civil society, free from bias, prejudices, and hatred.

M. Iqtedar Husain Farooqi,


* * *

Mr. Hashmi’s charge that he was denied an NOC because he is a Muslim has been rubbished by many Muslim actors. There are some among us who rush to the media the moment we perceive that a member belonging to the minority community has been wronged. The housing society has done well to demand an apology from the actor.

R.J. Khurana,


* * *

The Hashmi issue has been blown out of proportion. Every housing society has its rules and regulations. If the Nibbana housing society did not give the actor an NOC, I am sure there is some reason other than the one stated by him. He has made a mountain out of a molehill to get attention.

Jaffer A.A. Khan,


* * *

Why should a couple of refusals here and there by persons to sell or rent out property to a Muslim be made such a big issue when there are thousands of housing societies where persons belonging to all communities coexist peacefully?

C.V. Subbaraman,