A lot is being said on judicial activism. The need of the hour is to debate, threadbare, the failure of both the executive and the legislative machinery. For, it is this that has given birth to judicial activism. For instance, when the executive fails to appreciate the hardship of students, from nursery schools to professional colleges, judicial intervention becomes both necessary and welcome. Thus any restraint on the so-called judicial activism, of course an unwarranted necessity of the prevailing times, would be counterproductive.

We must find ways to ensure that laws are promptly and sincerely executed. Then there will be no need for the judiciary to intervene.

Balvinder Singh,


The Supreme Court’s recent observation on judicial restraint does show the appearance of cracks in the system of governance. But with the political class reaching its nadir in attitude and stature, the judiciary should be extra cautious in its approach to the problems confronting the man on the street.

N. Divakar,


* * *

That the judiciary had to step in the domain of the legislature and the executive is a sad commentary on the state of affairs prevailing across the country. It is not charitable to criticise the judiciary for its activism. If the wheels of administration grind smoothly, there will be no need for judicial intervention.

P.K. Varadarajan,