This refers to the editorial “Traumatised Pakistan” (Nov. 13). Pervez Musharraf has scripted a sad lesson in Pakistan’s history by suspending the Constitution, removing the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, pulling the plug on private television channels and gagging the print media. Pakistan’s political parties should work in unison towards the restoration of democracy in the Islamic state.

K. Pradeep,


The editorial was accurate in its analysis. What is disturbing about Pakistan is the absence of urgency in stopping the spread of the Taliban and the Al Qaeda. It can only be construed as its hesitation to tackle extremism, given the wide support it has been enjoying over the years. The Pakistan turmoil proves how a country can slide down rapidly when there is a paucity of visionary leadership coupled with interference of religion in governance.

Subramanyam Sridharan,


It would be naive to assume that the return of Benazir Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif will lead to the restoration of democracy. Gen. Musharraf has made a mess of things but hasn’t he also provided stability in spite of being sandwiched between fundamentalists and the U.S.?

Rohan Khurana,