There is no question of morality cohabiting with constitutionalism in India. But why single out Karnataka? The UPA government at the Centre is a classic case of rank opportunism too.

Alliance politics tore the moral fabric of Indian constitutionalism to shreds long ago.

K.S. Ramakrishnan,


It is known that there is no such thing as political morality. It is too much to expect two political parties in Karnataka alone to observe it. As far as constitutionalism is concerned, the term has been twisted, bent and shaped according to the will of the ruling party. As suggested in the editorial, it would be best to allow the formation of a government, however distasteful it is to the UPA.

K.R.A. Narasiah,


Our politicians care neither for political morality nor for the electorate. They follow the standard dictum that there are no permanent friends or foes in politics. In the absence of constitutional provisions and electoral laws prohibiting politicians from indulging in such practices or making re-elections mandatory in the event of hung Assemblies, the Governor will be forced to dance to the tunes of political parties.

R.M. Manoharan,