The Delhi sessions court has found 10 policemen guilty for their involvement in the Connaught Place shooting which claimed two lives. These men, clearly, had planned to garner for themselves a moment of glory and honour. Retribution must now visit them in the form of dishonour. It will leave an impact on serving officers as also assuage the feelings of the families of the innocent victims.

R. Narayanan,


* * *

One wonders why justice takes so long in cases involving fake encounters. Justice is yet to be done in the fake encounters that claimed the lives of Kausar Bi and Sohrabuddin. What justice can a common man expect from a system that takes 10 years to give a verdict?

I am sure there must be many similar cases that have not come to light. The doors of courtrooms are too tight for the poor to open in time. Those who are found guilty of staging fake encounters should be given the highest punishment under the law.

Md. Tanweer Alam,

New Delhi