This refers to the Supreme Court’s stay of a Madras High Court judgment refusing to ban jallikattu in Tamil Nadu. Spanish bullfights are crueller than jallikattu. In jallikattu, animals are not killed, nor are they mercilessly pierced with spears. All we need to do is to frame some rules to minimise cruelty to animals and casualties among human beings. The participants alone should be allowed inside the barricades and spectators kept well clear of them. Ramps can be constructed and seating arrangements improved for the people to have a good view of what is happening on the playground. Veterinary doctors should examine the bulls before they are let into the arena to ensure that they are not abused. Jallikattu is an ancient sport. We should find ways of making the sport modern and safe, and not demand its outright ban.

G.E.B. Siluvaimani, Chennai