It is time the Muslim community in India realised that it can no longer continue to play the ostrich. It cannot afford to gloss over the reality, after the failed suicide attack at Glasgow, that it is not mere backwardness that drives its youth to militancy. Something seems to be wrong with the mental make-up of a significant section. The earlier the moderates do some soul-searching to address the malaise, the better for them and the country they live in.

K.R. Nambiar,

Kozhikode Muslim leaders should stop and isolate the clerics and the young people who preach hatred in the name of religion.

T. Muhammad Naushad,

Kulasekarapatnam Muslims should not be perturbed at the serious allegations made by Muslim haters. They should join hands with Hindus to maintain peace and tranquillity. Educated Muslims should openly condemn the breeding of terrorism.

Basheer Ahmed,