The Madras High Court ruling that schools cannot deny their students admission to class XI will no doubt put an end to the commercialisation of education in some schools, which exploit the demand for admissions from students of other schools. But for students who wish to pursue higher education in better schools in terms of teaching and environment the order is unwelcome. Schools will have limited or no seats after admitting their own students. The ruling restricts the movement of students from one school to another.

S. Ramakrishnasayee,

* * *

It is unfortunate to note that, of late, admission to educational institutions is becoming a subject of judicial intervention from the level of schools to IITs and IIMs. When a student has studied in a school up to class X, denying admission to him or her on the ground that admission to class XI is fresh is unacceptable. Is it necessary for schools to drive parents to court even to get the basic rights of students enforced? The ruling is apt and meets the ends of justice.

R. Murali Kumar,

* * *

The High Court deserves praise for delivering the landmark judgment. All schools admitting students to class XI should display a list to prove that priority has been given to the students of the same school.

N.R. Ravisankar,