The killing of three persons is condemnable. Worse, the attack took place in broad daylight with police personnel looking on. The tension surrounding the succession issue in the DMK has been well known for some years. But the dangerous proportion it has assumed for the common man is shocking.

V. Ganapathy,

The tragic incident cannot be seen as just an assault on press freedom. The belied hope of G. Gopinath, one of the employees of Dinakaran who died in the attack `the police are here, we are safe' shows that the police are fast losing their identity as a people's force. Unfortunately, they are increasingly becoming part of the political force. How else can one explain their act of helplessly looking on?


Unfortunately, the death of three innocent persons has cast a shadow over the celebrations marking Mr. Karunanidhi's 50 years as legislator. Is it not a shame on the Government that three persons died even as a Deputy Superintendent of Police and a strike force trained in anti-riot operations were present on the scene? J.P. Reddy, Nalgonda

The report "Police ignored our complaint, says Dinakaran" and the photograph accompanying it (May 11) speak volumes about our police system. The Madurai attack and the elimination of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, his wife, and Tulsiram Prajapathi in Gujarat prove the police set-up is hand-in-glove with the ruling party in all States. The best way to insulate the force is to make it independent like the judiciary, free from political pressure.

Baru Rajendra Prasad, Hyderabad

The picture of the police standing by as anti-social elements run amuck in the Dinakaran office sent a shiver down my spine. Does it not prove that the police are totally under the control of the ruling party in the State? Are we slowly becoming a banana republic? Ashok Viswanath, Chennai

If the police chose to wait for political clearance from the Chief Minister's Office, it is the Government that is to blame. Had the police taken strong action and the attackers been harmed in some way, the same media would have blamed them. The Government would have trained its guns on the police officers. I agree the attack deserves to be condemned, but in no way can it be termed an attack on media freedom. It was the result of infighting in a family. Shahjahan Rahman, New Delhi