The Bahujan Samaj Party's win in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election could be a trailblazer for many changes in the country's political map. The verdict is a setback to the Congress that played every trick in the book to try and bounce back but met with little success. It has been a pathetic display by the BJP too. The SP, for all its show using filmstars, has had to remain content with coming second. There is a lesson in this for all parties: do not take the electorate lightly.

V. Padmanabhan,

The BSP's triumph has shown the voters' disdain for national parties and their lofty slogans. The people of the country's most populous State have gone for a personality rather than a particular party. Ms. Mayawati herself must have been pleasantly surprised by her party's comfortable majority. Ganapathi Bhat, Akola

The U.P. election has proved that the average Indian voter has no heart for either caste-based or communal parties as evident from the defeat of the SP and the BJP. As for the Congress, it has tried to fool the people with its pseudo-secularism for far too long. P.V. Maiya, Bangalore

Ms. Mayawati's new concept of social re-engineering of combining Dalits and Brahmins has yielded a clear mandate, a rare happening in present-day politics. R. Nagarajan, Tiruchi