The cartoon portraying Women's Day (March 9) deserves praise for sending out the right message. It is indeed painful that when women drawing five-digit salaries celebrate International Women's Day, our less fortunate sisters toil for a square meal. Our activities on the day should include working for developing an environment in which every woman will be assured of minimum education and means.

R. Ponnarassi,

The cartoon speaks volumes about the condition of women in India and the world. Instead of blaming the government for the state of affairs, we women should do more to help ourselves. With female foeticide, rape, dowry deaths, and sexual abuse at home and work rampant, celebration of Women's Day is a sham.

M. Nivedita,

The rejected lover sits in a drug-induced stupor. His friend tells him all women are unfaithful and offers help to kill his partner. In the darkened theatre, the audience bursts into spontaneous applause. This incident in Kerala's "cultural capital" on International Women's Day is a grim reminder of the fact that the status of women can improve only if they are given due respect and consideration.

Jaya Narayanan Pisharoty,