The New York Times carried the following correction: The obituary about the humour columnist Art Buchwald referred incorrectly to his novel-writing. "A Gift From the Boys (1958) and "The Bollo Caper" (1974) were not his only novels. He also wrote "Irving's Delight" (1975) and "Stella in Heaven: Almost a Novel" (2000). The obituary also misspelled the place of residence of one of his surviving children. Joel Buchwald lives in Culpeper, not Culpepper, Va. ( The Hindu published this obituary on January 22, 2007).

"World's worst sound" appeared on Op-Ed Page and Science & Technology Page in all early editions on January 25, 2007. The Op-Ed Page was changed in the late editions, eliminating the repetition.

In "Mumbai recovers from early shock" (Sport, January 25, 2007), it was wrongly stated that Mumbai saved itself from the humiliation of an innings defeat. Mumbai had batted first and taken the lead.

Two corrections in Ted Corbett's reports on the tri-series:

In the England-New Zealand match at Hobart on January 16, Flintoff came in at 98 for four with 19.2 overs still to go (and not when 106 runs were needed in 12 overs, as reported on January 17, 2007).

New Zealand's Ross Taylor was wrongly referred to as Rod Taylor (Australia-New Zealand match on January 14, reported on January 15, 2007).

It is the policy of The Hindu to correct significant errors as soon as possible. Please specify the edition (place of publication), date and page.

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