This refers to the editorial "ISRO makes a comeback" (Jan. 11). The description of the PSLV-C7 launch as flawless is indeed apt. It was good to see the scientists who looked evidently happy at the successful venture. The entire country salutes the people behind the success. All educational institutions should hold special sessions to appreciate the feat. It will not only boost the morale of our scientific community but also motivate students to become scientists.

P.B. Sundara Rajan,

The launch is indeed a milestone and proof of the technological capabilities of ISRO. Chairman Madhavan Nair has said the success has helped to recapture the confidence of the country in space missions. I do not think failure is a blemish on the glorious history of ISRO.

Given the roadblocks, it is an institution that has made our country proud. Now the logical progression would be to take up a bigger challenge.

Amrut Sharma Addepalli,