Former Union Law Minister and senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani’s comment at an international conference against ‘Wahabism,’ provoking a walkout by Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to India, was unwarranted. A man of his stature could not have been unaware of the sensibilities of those adhering to Wahabism. Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab was basically a reformer. He appealed to people to revert to the textualised-contextualised version of Islam. He reached out to the people through ‘Dawa’ (preaching of the Holy Scriptures). And Islam’s Holy Scriptures do not preach violence and terrorism.

Mohammad Sohrab,

New Delhi

* * *

A knowledgeable person like Mr. Jethmalani should not have made such a remark. We know that Gandhiji drew inspiration from the Gita. But the book that Godse swore by was also the Gita. Is it the fault of the book? Extremism of any kind is despicable.

K.M. Ajir Kutty,


* * *

That the Saudi envoy, taking umbrage at the comments made by Mr. Jethmalani, walked out of an international conference is unfortunate. Surely, he could have opted for better ways of expressing his dissatisfaction.

A. Mohan,