The observation of the anniversary of the brutal terror attack in Mumbai on November 26 last is understandable. It is also the time to take note of how the Americans are doubly careful after the September 2001 attack. No untoward incident has taken place in the U.S. since 9/11, thanks to the extreme caution exercised by its authorities. India, too, should adopt a hard stance on terrorism. This calls for a greater level of commitment from the government and the public. Most important, the criminal justice system should ensure that terrorists nabbed in the act are punished.

P. Krishna,


* * *

We are proud of our national heroes who sacrificed their lives to protect the city from the terror attack. Old soldiers never die, they just fade away. The government should speed up justice delivery. That would be the best way to pay tributes to our heroes.

Raghavendar Bandaru,


* * *

It is as clear as daylight that over the years, terror strikes in India have been actively sponsored, aided and abetted by Pakistan. India should threaten action. Striking terrorist camps in other countries is not illegal. The U.S. has done it. India can at least prepare for the strike. It will put pressure on Pakistan. We also need to launch a diplomatic offensive internationally, the kind seen during the 1971 war. We have suffered enough, it is time to act.

M.M. Kotian,


* * *

Terrorism is an unconventional form of war on the hapless and the innocent, and its only weapon is the surprise element. Combating it with conventional means will only lead to terrorists anticipating the counter moves and sidestepping them. In order to defeat the terrorists, we need to infiltrate their outfits and use the surprise element as effectively as they do. We need to enlist international counter-espionage personnel in this endeavour. Till such time as we neutralise the terrorists using their own methods, we will have to live by the optimistic philosophy “Until you are attacked, you are safe.”

Raju Umamaheswar,


* * *

I was deeply depressed on seeing the photo of the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai under attack on 26/11 in the media on Friday. It is unfortunate that we are comparing 26/11 to 9/11. India must learn a lesson or two from Sri Lanka on how to deal with terrorism, rather than ape the U.S. Pakistan is America’s friend and will remain so. The Indian media’s act of doing everything the American media do will not change the interests of the U.S. in Pakistan.

T. Joseph,


* * *

Even as the country mourns and remembers the victims of 26/11, we should examine the circumstances that led to the Mumbai attack last year. It cannot be denied that security lapses and poor vigilance resulted in the terror strikes. Crying over spilt milk is of no use. We should think of what we need to do to prevent such attacks in future.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,


* * *

We repeatedly hear people saying a war with Pakistan is no answer to repeated terror attacks emanating from its soil as it will invite a nuclear war. Most of our intellectuals have swallowed this reasoning hook, line and sinker. What if Pakistan attacks India tomorrow? Would our leaders still say war is not an option because Pakistan has nuclear weapons? The U.N. Charter gives a nation the right to self-defence. A pre-emptive strike must be launched to destroy the terror infrastructure in Pakistan.

P.C. Joseph,


* * *

Time and again, Mumbaikars have been at the receiving end of terrorist violence. It is to their credit that they have shown extreme courage and camaraderie in the face of adversity. The entire nation pays homage to the Mumbai martyrs and salutes the grit of the Mumbaikars on the anniversary of 26/11.

Sunil P. Shenoy,


* * *

One year has passed since terrorists attacked Mumbai, killing 166 people. But the perpetrators are yet to be punished. The Home Ministry is doing everything it can to tighten security.

Much needs to be done, though, by neighbouring Pakistan — the state from where the attack originated. But its move of indicting seven men, including Zakiur Rahman Lakhvi, in the Mumbai attack case is laudable.

E. Sivasankaran,