The nation salutes the brave officers and men who fought terror in Mumbai and protected it from further devastation. Thanks to them, the country was safe during the hour of crisis. More than our politicians who fight terror by issuing statements, we need men like them who saved Mumbai.

K.C. Manikantan Nair,


* * *

Hats off to the police officers who laid down their lives for the nation! Their sacrifice is an inspiration for every citizen to do something to free the nation from the clutches of terrorism.

Sabir Ali Chauhan,


* * *

If the Mumbai attacks can drive our political leaders to look more closely at the true causes for the growth of terrorism and evolve effective methods to combat it, the sacrifice of the policemen and people will not have been in vain.

P.R.V. Raja,


* * *

I am an army officer’s daughter. Sitting glued to the television for close to 30 hours, I could not help wondering why my parents did not look shocked when south Mumbai was attacked by terrorists. Even as they heard the unfortunate news that my brother-in-law was trapped inside Oberoi Trident, they stayed calm and told my sister too to be calm and brave. My sister sat in front of the television with random sporadic messages from her husband trickling in now and then, letting her know that he was alive.

I go back a few years when my father was posted in the militant-infested Punjab and earlier in Sri Lanka doing rescue operations as an army pilot. There was no television coverage and no telephone connectivity then. Even when he was involved in a helicopter crash, my mother came to know a few weeks later that something had happened but everything was O.K. now. I look at wonder at this woman, who to me is the epitome of patience.

This is the story of all the army wives who stay behind while their husbands go on missions risking their lives. On Thursday, behind the fearless face of every soldier who walked into the Oberoi, the Taj and the Nariman House was a family that saw him fight death.

Anshulee Asthana,


* * *

The Mumbai attack is an attack on humanity. That a man can shoot and kill innocent people with whom he has no acquaintance shows that he has no conscience.

This is the time to realise that each one of us has a responsibility to our nation and fellow citizens.

Alex George,