The act of spitting by an ABVP activist on the Zakir Husain College lecturer, S.A.R. Geelani — acquitted by the Supreme Court in the Parliament attack case — during a seminar in New Delhi is deplorable and reprehensible. The incident not only shows how intolerant the communal forces are but also how deep rooted they are on university campuses. The involvement of the elected president of the Delhi University Students’ Union is a shame on the university. Such vicious treatment to a person who has been acquitted by the highest court of the land is a blot on the face of India.

Khan Yasir,

New Delhi

* * *

The abominable act of vandalism unleashed by ABVP henchmen exposes the real face of the organisation. The incident once again proves that organisations like the ABVP are a threat to the principle of secularism and the rule of law. By targeting Mr. Geelani who has been acquitted by the Supreme Court, the ABVP has challenged the law of the land. Rational beings should not hesitate to denounce this act of hooliganism.

R. Anil Varma,

New Delhi