Chandrayaan-1 marks a bold beginning of the nation’s inter planetary travel. The Indian scientific community will be immensely motivated by this historic mission. NASA’s Apollo programme was mainly driven by national pride in the era of Cold War, rather than scientific a spin-off. One hopes Chandrayaan also falls in the same line.

Earlier ISRO missed many vital programmes though there was no dearth of proposals from the scientific community. We should think twice before deciding on a manned space flight programme. A better option will be the French route of Unmanned Space Programme. A better techno-scientific commercial option for India will be putting an Intelligent Tele Robot in space. This will be cost-effective and more viable commercially

M.K. Abdul Majeed,


* * *

ISRO’s uninterrupted success in space technology clearly demonstrates that Indian scientists are capable of achieving anything if they are provided a favourable working atmosphere, strong motivation and an inspiring leadership. Let us hope the Chandrayaan mission catches the imagination of our young generation.

K.V. Ravindran,


* * *

There have been many other Moon missions earlier but none to explore it to as great a depth and over such an extended period of time as the Indian mission. A tribute to India’s inherent genius indeed.

J.S. Acharya,


* * *

Apart from aiming at expanding our scientific knowledge about the Moon, Chandrayaan provides challenging opportunities for planetary research to young scientists.

B.H. Shanmukhappa,