The article on PR by R. Vaigai (September 20) truly brought out that great communist. While I was in the CPI(M) in the 1980s I used to adore PR not just for his simplicity, but for his fearless struggle in the political arena. He along with EMS, BTR, AKG, MB, Jyoti Basu, Surjeet, etc., were all a source of inspiration for us. PR would long be remembered for his staunch opposition to the BHEL-Siemens deal. If at all the Navaratnas retain their present status in the ugly era of globalisation, the credit for it should go to PR and his fellow comrades.

K. Baskar,


* * *

Advocate R.Vaigai’s fond memories of her father P. Ramamurti was moving and poignant. As children of communist parents, she and her sister had lost much of their pleasures of childhood.

Her nostalgia brings out the greatness of a father-daughter relationship and it will be a source of inspiration for all. PR lives not only in the memories of his daughters but also in the hearts of millions of people of Tamil Nadu.