I would like to congratulate the Gujarat police and the bomb disposal squads who have done an amazing job by discovering more than 20 live bombs in three days and defusing them. Having said that, I feel the government, besides tightening security, should identify the real cause of terrorism.

A lot of terrorist groups mislead youth in the name of religion. It is also a sad truth that Muslim nations help breed terrorists. Their job is perhaps made easy by the fact that Muslims have been deceived by the western countries. For the betterment of the world, there should be more meetings to increase the level of understanding between the western and eastern parts of the globe.

Anuj Madaan,


* * *

Let us take some time to appreciate and applaud the courageous efforts of the Gujarat police and the bomb detection squads who, at great risk to their lives, defused 18 bombs on a single day in Surat.

Acts like these boost the people’s confidence in the police across the country.

Nikhil Pavan Kalyan,


* * *

The police and bomb disposal squads have done a commendable job. They risk their lives to save the people. They should be rewarded suitably.

K.A.K.D. Sivasubramanian,


* * *

The personnel deserve appreciation for their courageous efforts and ardent commitment.

R.S. Sreeram,


* * *

The front page picture (July 30) showed a bomb disposal squad expert defusing a bomb in Surat. I was surprised to see that his equipment does not include a shield for the face. The brave men risk their lives for others and it is the responsibility of the authorities concerned to ensure that they are well protected.

Anita Sinha,