The Law Commission’s suggestion that an attempt to commit suicide not be treated as an offence under the Indian Penal Code (June 28) is a relief to the suffering mankind. We should do away with Section 309 of the IPC as an attempt at suicide by a terminally ill person cannot be considered an offence. It is the outcome of his/her intense mental agony.

Kapil Kumar Singh,

New Delhi

* * *

The right to live does not mean living a forced life without dignity. Hence, this kind of situation warrants an exemption. Terminally ill patients who have been suffering from incurable pain need the right to end their lives.

However, there arises a need for differentiation, between a terminally ill patient and a normal person. When a person lacks balance and attempts suicide — currently penalised under Section 309 — he should be subjected to rehabilitative treatment.

The offence-nature of Section 309 should be amended providing an impetus to the real sense of the supreme human right — “right to life.”

B.S. Selvakumar,