The article “Tolerance under attack” (June 26) exposes the forces behind the ugly stir being carried out by vested interests, supported by the Congress-led UDF and the BJP, in Kerala against some contents of the VII standard social sciences textbook. It is becoming clear that the ordinary people, particularly students, have little interest in the agitation.

P. Prasad,


If you follow something religiously, well and good. I won’t disturb you but don’t try to force your belief on me. I have the right to choose what I want after reasoning. Isn’t this what the lesson on Jeevan tells us? Then why are some sections of society protesting against it? The choice to follow a religion or not should be left entirely to the individual.

K. Arun Kumar,


The real purpose of education is to encourage people to think rationally. The young should be exposed to all the ideologies and allowed to decide for themselves what they want to follow.

Ruchi Lakra,

New Delhi

The UDF and the BJP have their own agenda in blowing up the textbook issue. The divided UDF feels it is time it made its presence felt. The prospect of an early Lok Sabha election has pushed the BJP into an election mode. For its part, the LDF is playing the role of a shepherd who kills his sheep to reap personal gains by pushing its student organisations to the scene. What the parties must understand is that the people are not fools because a majority has already rejected the non-issue.

Abhijith Unnikrishnan,