The news that the Indian Hockey Federation has set up a three-member committee to inquire into the sting operation, that showed its former secretary K. Jothikumaran accepting money for allegedly including a player in the national team, is welcome.

The depths to which our national game has plunged from the height of glory is indeed lamentable. Union Sports Minister M.S. Gill’s call to IHF president K.P.S. Gill to quit is only a small step towards cleansing the administration.

T.V. Ramamurthy,


The Jothikumaran episode has raised many questions about the future of hockey. The IHF, which has been under criticism from former players and experts for years now, is feeling the heat.

To control the damage done by the sting operation, it has announced the formation of a committee. But this is not enough. It will have to take some tough decisions to regain the faith of hockey lovers. Who knows, what has been exposed is just the tip of the iceberg!

Subhasish Mohanty,


Close on the heels of the Chile debacle comes the resignation by Mr. Jothikumaran following allegations of his involvement in a bribery scandal. Indian hockey needs to undergo a complete revamp.

As a first step, Mr. K.P.S. Gill must quit paving the way for someone capable of infusing a new life into the team. He should have resigned when India failed to qualify for the Olympics. The government should be serious about lifting hockey from the morass it has sunk into.

P.P. Sethumadhavan,


The sight of parents sending the elder brother for cricket auction to pave the way for sneaking the younger one into the hockey team (cartoon, April 24) beautifully depicted the contrasting state of affairs in the two sports.

Malvika Shankar,


The cartoon aptly depicts the developments in cricket and hockey. Money power, it seems, has fully overtaken whatever is left of sports.

Seshagiri Row Karry,

Hyderabad What a punch on the nose of parents, the bureaucracy, politicians and ‘players.’ Abdul Kalam’s ‘dream big’ would have long since been achieved had we shown a sense of proportion in choosing our priorities.

While we take sports seriously, we treat serious problems in a sportive manner.

Kallan Krishnaraj,