This refers to the editorial ‘Sagarika’s significance’ (Feb. 28). The successful test of the Sagarika missile is yet another feather in the cap of the DRDO. It is indeed a milestone. The security of the nation is paramount.

K.G.K. Nair,

Cherpalcheri, Kerala

* * *

It is inappropriate on the part of Pakistan to protest against the testing of the missile. India has a large coastline and has its own responsibilities in trying to protect its coastline. A country has the right to develop new technologies for its defence.

Jetling Yellosa,


* * *

India has taken a step towards establishing its own SLBM capability by successfully testing the Sagarika missile.

It could increase the arms’ race in the South Asian region but safeguarding its own interest is more important for India.

Our defence scientists and naval personnel should overcome all hurdles effectively to realise the dream of achieving SLBM capability.

J. Churchill,