This refers to the article “Sania will have to manage her awkward world” (Feb. 7). It is unfortunate that Sania Mirza has been distracted by absurd and unwarranted controversies, forcing her to skip the WTA Bangalore Open tournament.

But, as the article rightly says, Sania should take the pressure in her stride. The 21-year-old has already brought many laurels to the country. She should remember that a majority is on her side. The best way to fight nonsense is to ignore it.

J. Anantha Padmanabhan,


* * *

Sania is one of the greatest sportswomen India has produced. We respect and admire her talent. Her decision not to participate in the Bangalore tournament is unfortunate.

I sympathise with her on the national flag issue but her decision not to play is unfair and immature. Controversy and criticism are part of life.

Jagat Jyoti Barik,


* * *

Sania’s decision, presumably because of the tension arising from the controversy over her dress and alleged disrespect to the national flag, only reflects society’s attitude towards women. Why are our religious feelings so easily hurt by the dress, art works and writings of women and why do we feel so outraged by presumed acts of our icons showing disrespect to our national symbols? Why aren’t we worried about more serious issues such as corruption, poverty, unemployment and lack of proper educational and health facilities?

Satwant Kaur,