`Awesome Australia,' the title of the editorial (April 30), is the best way to describe the performance of the champions. In spite of a few failures before the World Cup, they have been able to come up with their best in the tournament that matters.

Sharad Kumar Mudgal,

* * *

No matter how much one may want to ignore it, the fact is that the Australians rule the world of cricket. Other countries have a lot to learn from them. What is it the Aussies have that the others do not? The other teams should figure out the answer to this fast.

M. Aruna Sahithi,

* * *

Inflicting defeat upon every opponent in a convincing manner, Team Australia has won the World Cup in style. Every member of the team played a significant part in the victory. This performance conveys the clear message that teamwork is the key to success.

K.D. Viswanaathan,
Nashua, New Hampshire

* * *

Skipper Ricky Ponting was right when he said in his victory speech that no team had tested them throughout the Cup.

A champion team requires total commitment from all its members, a positive attitude, an understanding of the opposition's weakness, a calculative strategy, teamwork, and, above all, the killer instinct. Ponting's squad has all these qualities.

K. Sivaraman,

* * *

I salute the unflagging spirit of the Australian team but the fact that the final was decided by the Duckworth-Lewis method and that the last three overs were played in near darkness was disappointing.

N. Nagarajan,Secunderabad