The Hindu deserves to be applauded for its call over the years for the abolition of capital punishment. As a country that has not done away with as harsh and inhuman a punishment as taking the life of a human being we, who take pride in belonging to the land of Gandhiji, are giving his soul reason to be unhappy. Those of us who endorse the death sentence awarded to Afzal saying it will send a strong message should understand that by executing him too we will send a message of being an uncivilised nation even in the 21st century.

Anjum Husain,
Anantnag, J&K

* * *

Execution is barbaric, even if it is of a hardcore terrorist or a dreaded criminal. It is time India, the magnificent civilisation that taught the world the principle of ahimsa, did away with the colonial appendage called capital punishment.

P. George Daniel,
Kochi, Kerala

* * *

A few nations lack the mercy that separates humans from hellions. India can abolish capital punishment. Make Afzal pay for his crime but not with his life.

T. Marx,
Karaikal, Puducherry