As the 14th Lok Sabha ended on Thursday, it was time to take stock of the various issues which came up before it — inflation, global terror, price rise, and recession being some of them. By and large, the MPs addressed the challenges collectively.

But confrontation among various parties on issues of disagreement led to a number of disruptions and adjournments leading to the loss of valuable time. All political parties should ponder over Speaker Somnath Chatterjee’s disclosure that the politics of confrontation cost the House almost 24 per cent of its time. As citizens, we hope the next Lok Sabha will spend more time on constructive work.

N.V. Subramania Iyer,


* * *

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was right in saying that Mr. Chatterjee has raised the bar for those who follow him as Speaker. His deft handling of many crisis situations brought to the fore his excellent management skills. Expulsion of MPs in connection with the cash-for-query scam, though a painful decision, was historic in nature.

I have been following the proceedings of the Lok Sabha for 15 years, and never have I seen a Speaker who has been as involved as Mr. Chatterjee in the proceedings. In his retirement, the nation has lost the services of an excellent public servant, exceptional public orator, and a trendsetting Speaker.

S. Sudhir Kumar,


* * *

Thanks to the members of the ruling and the Opposition parties for conducting themselves in an exemplary manner without wasting a single rupee of the taxpayers’ money.

The attendance was full. The debate in the Lok Sabha was excellent throughout the five years and the people were unable to decide which point of view was correct. There was no acrimony at all. The Speaker had a very smooth time running the House as the members observed the rules collectively. The people are waiting for the next general election to elect their esteemed representatives, who put service before self, to power again. I have the right to dream and I am sure it will become a reality one day, even if not in the near future.

A. Victor Frank,