Darshana Tongare (21), an IBM employee, was found murdered in Bavdhan, a suburb of Pune, on Friday night. Post mortem reports showed injury marks in the chest, caused by a sharp knife, said senior police inspector G.S. Madgulkar.

Darshna, a native of Pune, was walking home at 9.15 p.m. after her friend, Abhijit Taru, dropped her on the main road. She was attacked soon after he left, police officials said. “Immediately after being stabbed, she called Taru, who reached the spot within 15 minutes, and informed the police nearby,” Mr Madgulkar told TheHindu. But by the time Taru reached the spot, she was already bleeding profusely. She was rushed to the Sahyadri Hospital, where she remained conscious for some time. She managed to inform the police that she was stabbed by a person she didn't recognise.

She died soon after, police said.

“No arrests are made yet, and the motive behind the murder is not known,” Mr. Madgulkar said.

This is the second murder case of a woman in the IT sector in the city in the past 10 months. On October 15, 2009, a software engineer was found dead by the police. According to the police, she was murdered by two cab drivers and a security guard, along with another accomplice.

In August, 2009, Anmol Swarnasingh Jabal, (27), an employee of a software firm, had been arrested for allegedly murdering his colleague Shraddha Suresh Chajjed (24), a software engineer.