The wholesale price of egg in Namakkal Zone crossed the Rs. 4 mark for the first time on November 25, Monday, when it was fixed at Rs. 4.03 by the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) here.

The price was hiked despite the drop in demand for egg in Tamil Nadu and Kerala due to the Sabarimala season.

On November 12, the price of egg was Rs. 3.90.

Subsequently, it increased to Rs. 3.96 (November 14), Rs. 3.98 (November 22).

The reason behind the hike was attributed to the demand for egg in North India – that resulted in price hike of the commodity in many zones across the country. “Of the daily production in this region that is little more than three crore eggs, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are the major markets ”, says egg trader V. Kumar. He added that consumption of eggs has dropped by 20 per cent (45 lakh eggs) in Tamil Nadu and in Kerala due to the Sabarimala season. But it has not stopped the wholesale price of egg from soaring higher because of the demand for egg in the Northern States.