“India Studies,” a fast developing subject in the West, had its most recent innings at Lady Shri Ram College this Saturday where faculty members presented an inter-disciplinary course on India titled “Passage to India” for visiting faculty from abroad, to use as a reference point while designing their own curriculum relating to anything Indian.

“This exercise is part of our effort to globalise our curriculum and our faculty on this trip are mostly undergraduate teachers of International Studies, English Literature, Political Science, History and other subjects mostly Humanities,” said Joti Sekhon, Sociology professor from the Winston Salem State University (WSSU), who added that the seminar was supposed to be a talking point for the teachers to add to their observations on the Indian History, Culture and Politics and Economics. “LSR College has strengths in these departments and were able to give us the information we were seeking,” said Prof. Sekhon.

“The speakers for the seminar were carefully chosen to provide a diversity of perspectives. Each speaker was a renowned scholar who could provide interesting insights for India studies. The talks and presentations ranged from the Right to Information Act and its impact on Indian politics to the experiences of Dalit women in contemporary India. One session was devoted to ‘Economic Diversity’ to explore the implications of development. The aim was also to generate discussion among faculty from both institutions and to provoke critical thought,” said LSR spokesperson Kannika Khandelwal.

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) along with Tetra Pak India have launched “LEAD earth SHIP,” – a youth programme on leadership and business sustainability in Delhi. This is meant for graduate and postgraduate students. The programme is meant to educate through hands-on experience on the environment-friendly practices used by various industry leaders. Profit without hurting the environment is the aim of the programme which has a peg-line, “people, planet, profit”.

Around 30 students will be chosen based on the merit of their applications for a month-long internship at Tetra Pak India where they will learn about the various ways in which they can conserve the environment without hurting profits.

At the end, a contest based on the internship will be held and the winner will get to accompany polar explorer Sir Robert Swan on his two-week-long International Antarctic Expedition in March 2014. More information is available on the programme’s Facebook page.

Ansal University, Gurgaon, has announced a specialisation programme along with a six-month industrial training programme based on the specialisation for students who enroll in the School of Engineering and Technology (SET).

The specialisation is meant to develop engineering knowledge, skills, imagination and experience and the six month training period is to enable students to be technically sound, clarify all doubts, grasp technical knowhow and gain technical expertise.

Students can opt for the specialisation in the beginning of the third year and the industrial training will be in the last semester. More information is available on the university’s website.

Vijetha S.N