Claiming that West Bengal has every potential for development Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Wednesday “the only thing that is lacking here is the right mentality for work.”

 “Some people do not have the mentality to work but we [State government] do,” she told a rally at Raiganj in Uttar Dinajpur district.

 As for the progress of development work in the district Ms. Banerjee claimed to have observed “a lot of work is pending only because of the lack of proper attitude.”

 “Those who were supposed to do development work here did not do it and it is because of that a lot of work is left undone,” she said in an area considered a Congress stronghold.

 Pointing out that no work was “demeaning,” she recalled her student life when she worked at milk depot for a meagre salary.

 “When I was a student I worked in a milk depot and earned only Rs.40 per month…I never begged to anybody,” said Ms. Banerjee adding “even now I do most of my work myself from cleaning clothes to wiping the floor.”

 “Every work will turn out to be good only if you put your mind into it,.” she added.

  • ‘No work is demeaning’

  • ‘Even now, I clean the floor and wash my clothes myself’