‘I did not utter a word against Telangana people’

Congress MP Vundavalli Arun Kumar, under fire for his allegedly provocative remarks at the ‘Jai AP’ meeting organised here on Friday, on Saturday maintained that he had not uttered a word against the people of Telangana nor had he compared the protagonists with Razakar leader, Qasim Razvi.

At a media conference here, Mr. Arun Kumar made it clear that statehood for Telangana was possible only through lobbying or dialogue and if the Congress Working Committee passed a resolution in favour of division of the State, he would abide by it.

“The CWC resolution on Second SRC still stands and if it passes a new resolution for a separate State I will abide by it,” he said. He reiterated that Assembly resolution was a must for the creation of a new State and asked Telangana leaders as to why they had disrupted Assembly proceedings demanding a unanimous resolution in favour of separate Telangana.

He recalled Union Minister P. Chidambaram’s December 9 statement on Telangana: “Let an appropriate resolution be moved in Assembly….”

Making a statement about his critics, he said, “I only presented facts that were recorded in history, Parliament and Assembly libraries and clippings related to them. If my utterances are not factually correct, you can comment on that and I am ready to correct myself. But, you have no right to call me a chameleon or make nasty allegations against me and the leaders who attended the meeting. I have been in the Congress since 1975 and have never changed my loyalties,” he said.

The MP appealed to Telangana leaders to hold a meaningful dialogue with their Seemandhra counterparts instead of levelling “wild allegations”.

  • ‘Statehood for Telangana is possible only through lobbying or dialogue’

  • ‘Assembly resolution is a must for the creation of a new State’