Leader of the Opposition V.S. Achuthanandan has asked the government to provide urgent assistance to families that have lost their land and shelter after being trapped by ‘loan sharks’.

In a statement here on Monday, Mr. Achuthanandan alleged that the loan sharks had been enjoying a field day after the UDF came to power. The police, Registration Department and banks were hand-in-glove with the loan sharks. They were abetting the attempts of the ‘blade mafia’ to fleece the persons who had taken loans from them. Such actions were impossible without support from the government machinery, he added. Mr. Achuthanandan said he was in receipt of complaints from several victims of the ‘blade mafia’, particularly from the capital city and its suburbs. In one instance, the police had even submitted the charge sheet against a particular person, but there was still no attempt to arrest him or retrieve the assets he had wrested from poor people.

The government should immediately intervene in all such cases to expedite police action.