The 46-year-old mother of the Delhi gang rape victim collapsed on Sunday after the cremation of her daughter and was rushed to a hospital where she was treated for “grief reaction.”

Doctors at the Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital in West Delhi said she underwent check-ups and was discharged in the evening as “she was doing fine.” Grief reaction comprises somatic and psychological symptoms associated with extreme sorrow or loss.

Doctors said the woman appeared very weak and it seemed she had not had proper food while her daughter was battling for life for nearly two weeks.

“Once she was brought to the hospital, the woman was thoroughly checked. We even performed a CT scan and other diagnosis on her. She is fine now and was discharged in the evening,” Medical Superintendent S.P. Barua told PTI. He said she was frail and unable to bear the loss of her daughter.

“It also looks like she had not had proper food for the past 10-12 days and she is very weak. We call it the grief effect,” the doctor said.

The victim’s parents had undergone psychiatric counselling along with the girl after the brutal attack. — PTI