Sandeep Joshi

NEW DELHI: A day after Tata Motors announced the pullout from Singur, Uttarakhand Chief Minister B. C. Khanduri invited the company to start production of its Nano car in the Pantnagar industrial area, where it already has set up a plant.

Mr. Khanduri on Saturday said if the Tata Group submitted a formal proposal, his government would make resources available, including land to expand the existing plant in Pantnagar.

At its Rs.1,000-crore plant there, Tata Motors manufactures the pick-up vehicle ‘Ace’.

The Chief Minister said the industrial area in the State had the best infrastructure and was well connected by road, rail, and air. Uninterrupted availability of power at a low rate was available to industries.

Industry experts say Pantnagar will be a good choice for relocating the Nano project. Besides the capabilities of its existing plant, nearly 75 ancillary units of Tata Motors have set up shop in the industrial estate with an investment of Rs. 800 crore.

Tata Motors will be able to manufacture Nano with minimum investment and infrastructure upgrade, say the experts.