Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Although no evidence has so far emerged on the involvement of any particular outfit in the Samjhauta Express blasts, investigations are on to find out if an Uttar Pradesh-based module carried out the blasts.

The forensic team examining the suitcase containing an unexploded bomb that was recovered from the railway tracks near the blasts site, found a mixture of chemicals wrapped in a piece of newspaper. The torn page of the newspaper dated January 11, 2006, belongs to a western Uttar Pradesh edition of a renowned Hindi daily. It carries an article by a news agency about the recovery of 114 live grenades from inside the Golden Temple.

Initial enquiries have indicated that it could be the Agra or nearby Aligarh edition of the newspaper.

"It raises doubts about the role of an outfit like SIMI. However, at the initial stage of investigations we cannot concentrate on just one organisation," said a police officer.

A police source said that no arrests had been made in the case so far.

However, some persons were questioned in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi in connection with the blasts, the source said.