‘Give no scope for voters to complain that his or her name is missing’

Chief Electoral Officer Bhanwar Lal has asked officials to take up a door-to-door survey for revision of electoral rolls.

“No voter should turn up at the time of elections and say that his or her name is missing. There should be a perfect synchronisation of door numbers and voters’ names in the electoral list,” he said at a review meeting here on Thursday. The CEO said that rationalisation of polling stations would be taken up shortly. Door numbers played a key role in identifying the voters’ names in the list. There should not be a single voter without door number. A new polling booth should be opened in an area that had more than 300 voters. No voter should walk more than 2 km to reach his or her designated polling booth, he said.

The electoral officers should focus on people in the age of 18-plus years. The electoral list should have at least 4 per cent of this age group. It was noted that in many places it hadn’t crossed even 1 per cent. Electoral cards would be issued free of cost for new registrations. Similarly, there would not be any charges for issuing new card with corrections, he said.

The CEO said there was a problem with black and white photographs. While printing the electoral cards and rolls, the person in photo was not easily identifiable in black and white photographs. The problem could be solved if it were colour photographs. However, it was not mandatory, he said.

Referring to Krishna district, Mr. Bhanwar Lal said as many as 78,475 names were deleted for various reasons, including change in address, death, and migration. Similarly, 50,000 new registrations were made, he said.

District Collector M. Buddha Prakash Jyothi, Joint Collector P. Usha Kumari, VGTMUDA Vice-Chairman Rama Rao, and Sub Collector D. Harichandana were present.

  • Rationalisation of polling stations to be taken up shortly

  • There should not be a single voter without a door number