Agriculture Minister asked to take steps to convene all-party meeting

The United Democratic Front on Thursday gave its approval for a draft legislation seeking to amend the Kerala Conservation of Paddy and Wetland Act.

The high-power committee, which discussed the issue at its meet here, directed Agriculture Minister K.P. Mohan to take steps to convene an all-party meeting with a view to arriving at a consensus on some of the provisions in the proposed legislation. The UDF also decided to examine the possibility of amending the rules that would facilitate private-aided schoolteachers to contest local body elections. Under the new Right to Education Act, schoolteachers cannot contest the local body elections.

A proposal that came up before the UDF was to amend the Act in such a manner that would enable the teachers to contest the elections after taking leave.

Earlier, there were conflicting opinions with the teachers contesting the elections complaining that they were not eligible for pay and perks during their elected tenure and the education institutions complaining that they were unable to get services of the teachers.

With regard to Plus Two schools, the UDF approved the guidelines for sanction of new schools. The basic principle was to sanction schools based on location and requirement.

As per the statistics of the Education Department, there were 148 panchayats that did not have higher secondary schools. There were some large panchayats which did not have sufficient number of higher secondary schools.

A Cabinet note to be submitted by the Education Minister will contain proposals to ensure that all those who passed the SSLC examination will have an opportunity to continue their education.

The UDF also decided to bring some changes in the powers and perks of chairpersons of public sector undertakings. It also gave its clearance for the distribution of land to one lakh applications under the zero-landless programme by August 15 this year.

  • Aim is consensus on legislation provisions

  • Norms approved for sanctioning Plus Two schools