Two men who allegedly kidnapped R. Keerthivasan, 13, of Anna Nagar while he was returning home from school on Monday and released him after taking Rs.98.73 lakh in ransom were nabbed by the police on Wednesday. The ransom money was also recovered.

“Investigators deliberately let them escape [taking into consideration the safety of the boy] because they knew it would be easy to nab them later,” Commissioner of Police T. Rajendran said.

R. Vijay Kumar (26), an engineering graduate with MBA from a foreign university, and K. Prabhu (29), a diploma holder in Mechanical Engineering, were arrested from their house in Anna Nagar.

Mr. Rajendran said that as part of a strategy police advised the boy's family to give around Rs.15 lakh as ransom. “They gave nearly Rs.1 crore…” The accused were related to one of the managers employed by Ramesh, father of Keerthivasan, in his business.

A few months ago, they stole a car at Mangadu and used it without changing the number plate.

After kidnapping the boy, they pushed him into the boot space and removed the speakers of the music system to allow air circulation.

“The car was parked a few streets away from the boy's house in Anna Nagar. The accused wanted the money delivered at a place near the car.

"They came on a motorcycle wearing helmets, took the cash and gave the car key before escaping. Keerthivasan was found in the boot,” a police official said.